The First Light

9 01 2008

[March 2004] Carlos arrived late that day. Wednesdays at 4:00 PM is always our group meeting. The table at the far end of the university library is always the place. Well if your looking for some understanding, the library would be the perfect place for it.  He sat at his usual chair and look at the rest of us like and spoke.

He wants us to conduct a spirit channeling in their ancestral home, and maybe try to talk to the spirits there, if possible. No one talked for a period of time. we have been comparing notes and experiences about the paranormal for months now, but the idea of channeling spirits never really crossed our minds, well, at least not for me.

Lynn, being a former member of the spirit questors group in Baguio is open with the idea, but she needed some explanation first. She asked Carlos about the purpose of the channeling. Carlos explained;

The house is was built during the spanish era. A huge two storey house made of contrete and wood. The house was used as a garrison an infirmary during the 2nd  world war.  needless to say, some people died there during that time.

When Carlos’ Grandmother pass away last 2002. His family decided to convert the house into a boarding house, but no boarder actually stayed long. Last week, the last boarder left too. Manong Dennis, the caretaker of the house, seem to know the answer.

Carlos told us that Manong Dennis told him about the dogs baying at exactly 11 Pm, this happen every night. He also said something about a lady wearing a long dress apparating on one of the windows. But the most usual is the fact that every boarder that occupies one of the rooms becomes ill few days after occupying the room.

Lynn agreed but Janette is a little apprehensive about the idea, she still remember vividly the night when  when they disturbed an entity while playing spirit of the glass. she was possessed by the entity, it threatened to kill her. luckily a local healer help her overcome it. The experience was a two edged sword, it forced open her third eye. Ron also agreed. I have no option but to agree.

I arrive at the meeting place around 9 PM, Lynn is already there, tonigth she traded her usual emerald pendant to his black tourmaline, It hangs loosely on her neck. tourmalines are said to be an effective protection to negative lores or entities. By 10 PM we hit the road. Carlos is already waiting for us at the old house’s veranda. The compound is huge, the house is virtually sorounded with different fruit bearing trees.

 Manong Dennis gave as a tour around the house. Some of the lights are off, Mang Dennis said that two of the light bulbs just went kaput before we arrived. The ancient wooden stairs makes this funny sound as we move up. The wooden floors needs some polishing, the walls are lined with framed portraits of Carlos’ ancestors. Windows are wide. Manong Dennis pointed to us the window where she saw the lady in black apparate several times. He also told us that some of the boarders complained of a lady crying in the upper rooms, but the upper rooms are unoccupied during that time.

Since Lynn  has the most experience in the group, she was appointed as the facilitator. Carlos prepared the quija board just in case it will be needed. Carlos, since he will be the primary channel tonight, was asked to find a place where to conduct the search. We began with a short prayer and Lynn led the American-Indian protection ritual, by lighting a three candles. We positioned ourselves in a circle and held hands. I was seated between Lynn and Ron. we closed our eyes.

After a few seconds, nothing seems to change, I asked Lynn if we need to use the quija. janette responded

 Janette: Hindi na kailangan, nandito na sila.

Lynn: Ilan sila?

Carlos: Marami, Tinatanong nila kung anong ginagawa natin dito.

I could feel my hands begin to sweat, but its not beacuse of the waether, there is a certain coldness in the room that i cannot explain. my feet are cold.

Janette: May matandang pumasok sa bilog. Nestor ang pangalan niya. Isa siyang hardinero dito bago bumating ang mga hapon. iginagalang siya ng ibang espiritu dito sa bahay. galit ang ibang kaluluwa dito.

Lynn:  Magandang gabi Mang Nestor, Naririto po kami hindi upang gambalain ang bahay na ito kundi para makipag-usap sa inyo.

Carlos: Makipag-usap tungkol saan?

Lynn: Ang bahay pong ito ay pinapaupa ng mga may-ari sa mga batang nag-aaral diyan sa kolehiyo, pero hindi po sila nagtatagal, nais po sana naming malaman ang dahilan.

Carlos: Masyado silang maiingay. Bago sila dumating tahimik ang lugar na ito.

Lynn: kayo po ba ang dahilan kung bakit nagkakasakit ang mga taong umookupa sun sa gitnang kuwarto?

Carlos: Wala silang karapatang tumira dito, maiingay sila.

Lynn: Naiintindihan po namin kayo, Pero bigyan po sila ng pahintulot ng mga may-ari ng bahay na tumira dito. Anopo ba ang pwede naming gawin para maging maayos po ang harmonya ng bahay na ito.

Janette: Gusto niyang mapalitan yung basag na salamin sa banyo sa taas. Nabasag daw mga taong nagrenta dati dito. kung mapapalitan daw yung salamin ng bago at ipagpapamisa ang mga kaluluwa ng mga narito, hindi na raw nila gagambalain ang mga taong dito.

 Carlos promised to have the mirror replaced and offer a mass for their souls in the morning. while he is talking, the bayig of the dogs outside started,

Lynn: maraming Yung babae sa bintana, nandito rin ba siya?

Ron: Oo pero ayaw niyang makipag-usap. Hinihintay niya ang pagdating ng asawa niya. 

Lynn: Salamat po sa pakikipag-usap ninyo sa amin.

She then asked us to bid them goodbye with the promise that a mass will be offered for the repose of their souls. then we broke the circle.

Later that night, ron told the group that the lady in blacks name is Pacing, she was a patient in the infirmary during the war. his husband went home to get her a change of dress when he was killed by the Japanese in the senselessness of war. They will not meet again since her husband already moved on a higher plane. She died of malaria.  we all murmured some silent prayer for Pacing.

That night is like a rebirth for us, especially me who is quite new with this thing.